Inez Findlay

Director + Co-ordinator

Inez is very goal oriented and ambitious with a pro-active outlook on life. She is an entrepreneur with three successful businesses. She is selfless and tries to help everyone as much as she can, treating others as she would wish to be treated.

The idea to open a CrossFit Retreat came from her own preference for an activity based holiday built around the concepts embodied in the CrossFit philosophy. Inez is passionate about CrossFit and trains as often as her schedule allows. Inez is looking forward to the challenges of running the retreats and her goal is to help people become the best they can be.

Lyndsey Bath

Operations Manager

Lyndsey is the newest member to the team, having joined in 2020. She has a wealth of experience in organising events and managing the day to day running of a business. She is a people person that likes to get involved and will be supporting the smooth running of the retreats. She is enjoys travel, walking and weight training.

Phoebe Bateman

Massage and Beauty Therapist

Phoebe is a caring and approachable character, who is enthusiastic about her profession. She has over 6 years of experience in the beauty industry working in salons and on cruise ships. She is qualified in all aspects of Beauty Therapy, including lash lifts.

In addition to that, she trained in Chang Mai, Thailand and specialises in Complementary Therapies such as Lymphatic Facials, Bamboo Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Thai Massage. She uses her knowledge to personalise every treatment and tailor it to your needs.


Adam Shepherd

Director and Coach

He caught the CrossFit bug in 2015,realising the huge benefit he found in improved strength, endurance and mobility.

His positive energy and enthusiasm will have you bounding up mountains before you know it.

Adam has completed the Sahara multi stage marathon and won numerous strength and endurance competitions internationally. No stranger to a challenge, he knows the value of having physical and mental health goals and the motivation needed to achieve them. He loves to share his drive and passion to help people realise theirs.


Anna Boyle


From a young age, Anna has had a passion for cooking. Being polish she learnt about traditional dishes and how to use spices to bring out flavour in foods. She loves to cook food that is healthy and tastes great. She has worked in many places and has accumulated a variety of skills. Most recently she worked in a vegetarian and vegan restaurant and learned how to replace meat with plant based products, without impacting the taste of the dish. She experimented on her children and they never knew they were not eating meat.

Anna admits to be a little crazy, but in a fun friendly way. Exercise is another of her favourite ways to spend her time and she is currently teaching herself about macrobiotic balanced food, which she will incorporate into the meals on the retreats.


Lisa Mower

Massage Therapist


Lisa has been providing massage for 11 years. During this time she has worked in various settings including therapy centres, spas, retreats and post sporting events.

She has a Level 3 Body Massage qualification which includes Swedish and deep tissue massage. Also a Level 3 Sports Massage qualification.
She specialises in Hot stones, Indian head, cupping and pregnancy massage along with Holistic facials. She also has a Level 3 qualification in reflexology.
She has a natural interest in nutrition, well being and exercise and enjoys yoga and countryside walks.


Sarah Pavey

Yoga and Crossfit Coach

Sarah is a previous studio professional and personal trainer, who has been teaching Pilates and group exercise since 2009. In addition to that she has been teaching yoga since 2014 when she trained in India.

She is also a L1 CrossFit coach. She enjoys power yoga, functional training, walking in nature, reading, cooking… Sarah is an excellent asset to the retreats as she has insight into what yoga will be of benefit to you following training sessions with us.


Jack Draper


Chef Jack, originally from Glastonbury, moved to Poole, where he trained with an award winning chef in the industry. Jack utilises his skills and passion to produce amazing meals and ensures that he caters to all our guests dietary requirements.Using our onsite farm shop, Jack’s food is made with fresh, high quality local and seasonal ingredients. It is healthy and wholesome and will keep you well nourished throughout your stay.


Lucy Lord

Yoga Instructor and Counsellor
Born and raised in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, Lisa now lives in Glastonbury with her fiancé and young daughter. She made the move to Glastonbury in 2014 after the sudden death of my father in 2013.
Since then she has spent a lot of time traveling in Asia and completed her yoga teacher training certification in Goa in 2014. When in the UK she had the opportunity to run classes at the Shekina Yoga retreat where she was also managing the centre.
Since the arrival of her daughter in May 2019 life has been much more grounded and she retrained to be an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. Initially Lisa completed the Grief Recovery Method for myself, knowing this was something she had to share with others.
Yoga is still a huge part of Lisa’s life on a personal level and my focus has shifted to teaching on retreats.Lisa also love nature, music, dancing, food and living a simple life.